Monday, May 19, 2008

Funny Kids II

Today while we were eating lunch Scott looked over at Emma and she was brushing her hair with her fork. Scott said, "Have you been watching way too much Little Mermaid?". She proudly held up her fork and said, "A dinglehopper!". Then she started trying to twist her hair with the fork. It was SO funny!

Michael was playing outside in the sandbox and found a worm. He put it on the patio and said, "The worm is walking on the ground!" Then he took the worm over and put it on the swing and was pushing the swing around. "The worm is swinging!"

Silly, silly kids!!

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  1. sounds like she and conli would be great friends- Conli knows that movie word for word!

    thanks for saying hi on our blog the other day!

    I can't believe how big your kiddies are!!! CRAZY!!!!


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