Thursday, May 1, 2008

World of Wildlife

Today we went as a family to the Brookshire's World of Wildlife Museum in Tyler, TX. It is a museum which has displays of stuffed animals in a 'natural' habitat. The kids liked seeing the animals and pointed at them and yelled out their names.

They also have a life-size replica of a 1920's country grocery store. I thought that was pretty neat. Seeing all the old packages and machines was kinda cool. I wish I lived in an era where all the produce was 2 1/2 cents a pound like it was back then!

Outside they have a playground that has an old firetruck, train caboose and farm tractor for the kids to play on, as well as normal playground equipment. All in all I'd say the trip was a success.


  1. I so love the picture of Scott and Katelynn. I just can't wrap my mind around how much they've changed. I really hope we can get out there to visit soon.

  2. I had to comment on your last post. That made me laugh seeing the picture of your three little ones under the fitted sheet. I bet they just love having each other to be silly with. So cute!

  3. BY the way...Scott was reading this post after I had already posted it and he said that they aren't "stuffed" animals".

    Scott: "What, do they have little teddy bears sitting around or something?"
    Jillian: "Well, they're stuffed, aren't they? What are you supposed to call them then?"
    Scott: "They are mounted animals."
    Jillian: "Oh, I see what's on YOUR mind!" hahaha


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