Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just for the Blog of it

I think I am having blogging withdrawls, because I have no way of uploading pictures from my camera. I, like a fool, left the adapter for my phone's memory card plugged into the port on our computer, which is STILL packed away. SO, I can't upload any pictures and then tell you all about them. *tear*

This evening we went swimming as a family and it was a lot of fun. The kids love to play in the pool and are gaining so much independence. *Yay for floatie rings!* It's fun to see their excited little faces, from the moment we mention swimming until we say it's time to get out.

Emma is a little daredevil! She loves to hold her breath and go underwater. She also gets out of the pool and jumps in, holding her ring around her waist. She is crazy! We need to get all of them into swimming lessons, but especially Emma. Maybe she will be an Olympic swimmer someday. Who knows.

Scott had his first week of podiatry school this week. So far, so good. It's tough. Their first test is next Monday! Scott has seen a few people around school that were in his classes at UVSC (wait, it's UVU now). I think he will do great! He always pushes himself to do well in school and keep his GPA up. But, there is more pressure to have a good GPA, because they look at that when interviewing for residencies. Plus, he has a scholarship that is renewable every year as long as he keeps his GPA above a certain level. But, like I said, I think he will do great.

Do any of you have a GPS? They are the coolest things in the world! I don't know how I drove around for so long without one. You just type in the address of where you want to go and 'VOILA!', it tells you how to get there and when you should arrive. It even shows you a little map of you driving along the route, and gives you instructions out loud as you are driving, like "turn left on Whatever Road in point five miles". How cool is that?! Want to know where the closest grocery store, gas station or Wendy's is? It will tell you! Amazing!

I love having a GPS. Scott had been wanting to get one forever, and we finally got one. Why didn't we get one sooner?! Good bye Mapquest, Hello GPS! I guess there IS merit in listening to your husband once in a while. They might actually know what they are talking about. *wink*

*By the way... did you notice I had to get my 'picture fix' in by using other people's pictures? Don't worry. One of these days you will see new pictures of the kiddos. They are getting SO big! Well, Katelynn is getting big again, I guess. ;)


  1. GPS is my save all. I would be literally lost at every turn without it. I even have trouble getting home without it :)

  2. Ihave a GPS on my phone now, LOVE IT!!! We really couldn't have done Florida without it. I can't wait to see your pictures. I miss those big kidlets! Also we need to see your new place! Love you *Bye bye*

  3. Quick solution, unpack your computer so you'll keep blogging and we can see pics of the cutie cutes! :p We loved swimming lessons this year, though my boys aren't as brave as your kids, way to go! Our UVMOM family party was swimming this year, missed you! :(


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