Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just Kidding...

All of the utilities are turned off and they STILL aren't out! They told us that they would for sure be out by noon yesterday..which turned into 5..which turned into noon today..which turned into 5..which turned into 5 tomorrow. Are these people EVER getting out?! I am SO seething mad!

We even had the Elder's Quorum and some of Scott's friends from school all lined up to come help unload the truck tonight. We ended up having to call the EQ president and have him get ahold of everyone to tell them not to come. Plus, I was on the phone and in the car most of the day today getting all the utilities set up to be turned on tomorrow, which I NOW have to call tomorrow and postpone everything, because there is no way in you-know-where I am paying the utlities while those....people....are living there. GAH! What a nightmare.

I have never in my life met people so selfish, who try to milk everyone around them for everything and make up all these lame excuses to make you feel sorry for them. Well, I'm not buying it! At first I was trying to be compassionate. Oh, they're having a hard time, etc

Yeah, they are having a hard time because they bring it upon themselves! They have actually asked US for money several times. US! Yeah, we are rollin' in the dough, living off of student loans with 3-year-old triplets. I don't think so!

So, as Emma, Katelynn or Michael would say....


  1. Stinky people! Can the police or owner do nothing?

  2. So sorry Jillian, ugh! Double and Triple Arrr! I wish there was something I could do. Just bring the kids up and hang at my house until the stinkin' losers get out of there. At least we'd have fun (5 kids 3 and under=party!).


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