Friday, October 10, 2008

Abilene Zoo

While driving to Arizona we stopped for a break in Abilene and found the Abilene Zoo. It was free to get into with our zoo pass, and the kids needed to stretch their legs, so we decided that would be a good stop. They also had an *awesome* playground right outside of the zoo. I will post another entry with pictures from the park.

This monkey was getting right up close and personal. It stayed there putting its' hands up to the kids' hands for a long time. They loved it.

This is as close to a family pic as you can get sometimes. Notice, Emma has her finger up her nose, Michael is turned away, and Katelynn has her hand up saying, "No!" Tis the life with three year olds, I suppose.

All the animals at this zoo were really close, so the kids could actually see them. This is how close you could get to the bear.

They had a bridge right over the giraffe pen and crackers you could feed them. I had never seen that at any other zoo and thought it was way cool.

Emma starting to feel the heat.

I don't know if you can tell very well in the picture, but the pond was PACKED with these carp (I think that's what they were. Correct me if I'm wrong). Whenever you would throw food in for the ducks they would all come up to the surface and fight for the food, laying on top of each other and coming up out of the water. I've heard the term 'feeding frenzy' before, but this was crazy!

Posing for a picture, then it's time to get back on the road.

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