Thursday, October 9, 2008


Lately the kids have been obsessed with talking about who is a boy and who is a girl. It's cute, because Michael will call Emma & Katelynn 'the girls', and say "Come on, girls!" just like I do.

Tonight at dinner we were discussing how Emma is a girl,Katelynn is a girl, Michael is a boy, Mommy is a girl, and Daddy is a boy. Then I was explaining that when boys grow up they become men and when girls grow up they become women. SO, because Mommy is grown up she is called a woman and Daddy is called a man. The kids were then talking about how the girls will become women and Michael will become a man.

Michael started throwing a fit and screaming,
"I don't want to be a man when I grow up. I want to be a woman!"

uh, oh... more painted toenails for you!


  1. That's okay, he can hang out with Carter who put my Halloween Tiara on his head and said, "I a princess"! I think it is just because Michael loves his mommy so much he wants to be like her when he grows up!


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