Friday, October 10, 2008

Tagged by Jaime

I was tagged by my sweet awesome sister-in-law Jaime to do this survey, and I thought, "What the heck..I'll do it." Here goes:

I am: a mommy, wife, sister, friend...and worn out most of the time!
I think: my kids are going to grow up before I figure out how to be a mom.
I know: my Father lives (and lo-oves me-ee, too)
I want: to become a 'domestic goddess'
I dislike: a messy house (although you can't always tell by looking), people who are rude & selfish and canned peas.
I miss: having friends to do things with. (good answer, Jaime)
I fear: missing out on life.
I feel: like it's been a rough year, but things are going to get better.
I smell: air?
I crave: chocolate, chick flicks & social activities.
I cry: sometimes.
I usually: have three kids buzzing around me.
I search: for good deals & the internet for good ideas.
I wonder: how everything is going to play out in the last days. ('cause it's happening already!)
I love: my family, fall, blogging, cute pics of my kids, singing in a choir, organizing activities, talking to or texting friends.
I always: receive help in my calling as a mother, even if I don't recognize it.
I worry: about being a good mom (are you seeing a trend here?)
I am not: that cute, popular, stylish girl in your ward.
I believe: in being honest, true, chased by an elephant. oh, wait....
I dance: with my kiddos in the kitchen
I sing: along with the radio in my car & to my kids.
I argue: over little things too much.
I write: blog posts.
I win: "It's a race. It's a race. I'm weening, I'm weening!" ~from 'Rat Race'
I lose: my keys in my diaper bag all the time (good answer!) AND my mind, sometimes.
I wish: I knew all the answers, but I don't.
I don't understand: why things happen the way they do, but I guess we'll find out someday.
I can usually be found: at home.
I am scared: of the dark and heights. (man, Jaime, all our answers are the same!)
I need: to chill out sometimes!
I am happy: when the kids and Scott are happy, and when I feel the Spirit.
I tag: Heidi, Laura, Jodi and anyone else who wants.

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