Wednesday, November 12, 2008

100 Posts

So, I just looked at my stats and realized that the last post was my

HUNDREDth {100th} POST!

I don't what that means, exactly, but I'm sure that fireworks were supposed to go have gone off, or at least streamers were supposed to have burst forth from my computer. Either way, to celebrate I am jumping on the give-away bandwagon.

Leave a comment with your answers to the following questions, and you will be entered in a random, good old-fashioned drawing, complete with YOUR name being drawn out of a hat. (well, if you win, that is)

What do you win? You will win SCRAPBOOKING OR CARD-MAKING STICKERS because it's my give-away and that's what I like to do...well, when I get the time to do it..which is, basically what I'm trying to say is that it is something I really like, but never do. BUT, that doesn't detract from the fact that {1} of you lucky people will win!

Up for grabs is:
*A sheet of 'Inspirables' stickers from their Simply Botanicals line. They look like they have pressed flowers on them, and one of them says, "friend: a person that one knows, likes and can trust". Fitting for this occasion, don't you think?
*A set of 'Nostalgiques' glass corner stickers from The Attic Collection in the color Autumn. It's Autumn now, right?! My 'seasonal-clock' is all messed up from living in Arizona.
* An {11} count sheet of Miss Elizabeth's scrapbook stickers with a family theme. The different stickers say: family are forever* we are family* one big happy family* family ties* memories* our clan*our legacy* a family affair* the clan. Since this is our family blog, I thought these stickers would be a good choice.

So, there you have it, folks. Leave a comment by Sunday evening, 6 pm Arizona time (same as Mountain) to be entered in the drawing. If you read my blog, but don't generally leave a comment, this is a great time to break out of your blog-surfing shell! The questions I want you to answer are....

1. Where/How did we meet?
2. Tell me a good memory you have of us. If there aren't any good ones, then relate a bad one.
3. What movie do you *love* watch over-and-over again, though you hate to admit it?
4. What should you be doing right now rather than blogging?
5. How do you eat an elephant?

Thanks for playing! I will announce the winner Sunday night. Good luck!!


  1. Jillian!!!!!! Just saw your comment on Seriously, so Blessed, LOL. Thought it was funny that you read it too. When you said "preggers with my trips" I knew it had to be you.

    Okay, I totally want to win your giveaway so I'm commenting for sure.
    1.We met at school!! In choir I think... Or maybe another class, um not entirely sure about that.
    2.I remember when we were at Dyanne's house and all us choir gals got on the bed and took a picture. Such fun times with the choir.
    3.I love Moulin Rouge! And I'm totally not afraid to admit it.
    4.I should be prepping for teaching tomorrow slash (heh) getting dressed to work out with Tyson.
    5.One bite at a time.

  2. Hey Jillian-
    I'll throw my name in the hat :).
    1. Through UVMOM, I am trying to think of the very first time. It might have been the Spring party 2006.
    2. The board meeting we had at your house--it was just a relaxed setting with a few friends and I got to watch you in action with your munchkins.
    3. I can tell you some shows I would hate to admit I watch, Lipstick Jungle is one, but I can't stop now! Movie, probably While You Were Sleeping.
    4. A myriad of lab chores that I don't feel like doing.
    5. One bite at a time of course, or sick the kids on it.

  3. I hope I can answer all the questions.
    1. We met in the BYU ward RS. (I can't remember the ward #, I know, lame huh!)
    2. I just remember going VT together and having a good time!
    3. Fav movie.. I have so many.. Moulin Rouge, 13 going on 30, and While you were sleeping.
    4. getting my house clean for bookgroup
    5. one bite at a time

    And i love seriously so blessed too!!

  4. Ok I'll bite this will be fun!!!

    1. In the BYU 146th ward. I think we met before I came VTing but that is when we became friends
    2. Wow!! there are so many. One of my favorites is when we had your baby shower in the hospital. Also that time you sang in church and didn't know you were pregnant yet.
    3. Not really into movies much. The only movies I watch over and over are Disney Ones.
    4. Not much, it's been a pretty good day. I was able to get the house a little cleaner. But, there is always the laundry
    5. Good question!!! Not really sure and I don't ever want to try!!

  5. Okay, so I'm not going to "enter" your drawing because I have way too much scrapbook stuff as it is that I don't use, but I have a really cool idea for when you pick a winner. Have someone video tape you actually drawing the name out of the hat and then post the video on your blog!

  6. Okay, I'm not entering the drawing either, because I'm not big on scrapbooking, but I thought it would be funny to say this at least:

    1) How did we meet? Funny story actually. See, there was this guy...
    2) A memory of you and me together? Umm, how about when you stole my boyfriend?

    Okay, not really, but I thought it was funny. Now that it's 7 years down the road (or however many).


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