Monday, December 22, 2008



The kids love to watch movies. And I love watching the kids watch movies. They get so into what's going on, and will laugh, scream and talk to the characters, saying things like "Watch out!". Often, they will come and excitedly tell me what's going on, sometimes adding "That's terrible!"

Yesterday the kids were watching Enchanted (any excuse to watch PATRICK DEMPSEY, right?! James Marsden isn't too shabby, either), and Katelynn came running into the kitchen saying, "Oh no! The dragon take the princess' DADDY!"

... Sorry, Patrick. I guess you look a little too old for Giselle.
That's okay. We still like ya!

Ha Ha Ha!

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  1. Too funny! Patrick Dempsey is still yum-O in that movie. :)


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