Thursday, December 18, 2008

Katelynn, a.k.a...

The last couple of days Katelynn has taken to creating different aliases for herself and insisting on being called by them.

Yesterday, her name was "Ballelina" (think ballerina) and she was walking around on her tippy toes all day and singing. La la la....

Today her name is "Sarah". "Sarah" likes to dance, has confiscated Katelynn's penguin blanket, likes to call Michael "Mike" (which I have NO idea where that came from, 'cause we NEVER call him 'Mike') and is good at building castles out of Mega Bloks, as was her predecessor "Ballelina".

Who will it be tomorrow?

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  1. That's so funny, lately LaRue has been like "My name is Barbie" And then after watching The Little Mermaid two "My name isn't Barbie anymore, my name is Melody" "Mom, tell everyone my new name is Melody."
    Must be the age, but sometimes I'm like 'hey! I gave you your name because I thought it was special and I really liked it okay!?!' But most of the time I just think it's cute.


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