Wednesday, February 11, 2009


On Saturday we went with my friend Jenn & her daughter Natalie to the Children's Museum of Phoenix. We had a good time. If you haven't been there yet (and live in the Phoenix area), it's a cool place to go.

We took at lunch to eat there at the museum, so the kids wouldn't be sleep-deprived and hungry. So we played, ate, then played some more!

Katelynn painting the house in the art studio:

Emma had to reach the high places:

Michael putting on a puppet show:

Michael working on the house:

Like Mother, like Daughter:

Emma, Natalie & Katelynn in the play kitchen:

I love Michael in this picture. "Hey, guys. Am I in time for dinner?"

Emma {loves} flowers:

Emma making a pizza in the 'pizza kitchen':

The best shot we could get of all four kids:

They were giving out little toothbrushes because it's official "Brush Your Teeth" month, or something. "Brusha, brusha, brusha."

Awww...Katelynn looks so sweet. Looks can be deceiving.


Natalie: "Why do they keep making weird noises & telling us to smile?"
Michael: "Dude, I don't know. I'm just trying to get this toothbrush open."

There were a couple of crazy moments, and "Where's so-and-so?" moments, but all in all I'd say the trip was a success. We're definitely planning on going again!

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  1. So totally cute! I like you captions, Chaia and I cracked up!


    Oh all the shooting comets in the heavens they are getting so big, I cant believe how time flies by



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