Thursday, February 5, 2009

Good Times with Daddy

Daddy is so busy with school that we try to have a good time when we are together. He loves taking the kids to the park and they all have a blast!

Michael's ready to run!

Michael & Katelynn watching Scott come down the slide. You can tell they just {love} their Daddy.

Get 'im!

Katelynn & Daddy. She is such a Daddy's girl!

In case you were wondering... Yes, Emma was there. And on top of the play structure, no less.

"I'm gonna get you!"

I love this shot. Scott's not afraid to get down on their level. He's such a good Daddy.

The kids found these big rocks in the sand, and decided it was their duty to place them in the rock bed (as opposed to a flower bed). I don't know what Emma's obsession is with having her hair in her eyes. They're such beautiful eyes! Why cover them up, honey?!

We have really been enjoying our first Arizona winter. We'll see how we feel in the middle of the summer! It's nice to be able to go to the park as often as we like. There are a lot of parks around to choose from, so there is some variety as well.

I really like it when Scott is able to go with us to the park, because sometimes taking the kids to the park by myself seems like such a daunting task. I think to myself, 'Is it worth all the hassle? Getting the kids dressed, herding them to the park, getting them to leave the park when it's time, etc.' But, the exercise is so good for the whole family, and we might as well take advantage of this beautiful weather while we have the chance!


  1. Your getting some really good pictures with your new camera. I love seeing the kids.

  2. 1. Darling children
    2. Sweetest Dad, like, ever!
    3. Amazing pictures!

    Go on wit yo bad self Jilli!

  3. those arizonans do brag about their wonderful winters :) looks like they are right. we're stuck bundled up inside and it's to cold to even make it to the car to drive somewhere...anywhere that's away from the house :)

  4. Of course Emma was at the top! She is such a little monkey! I miss you guys so much!


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