Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know it's a day late, but...

Happy {Valentine's} Day !!

For V-Day we just hung out as a family. We had brunch, which included the classic pink, heart-shaped pancakes (The kids LOVED these).

Here is Emma showing off her pancake:

Michael showing us his pancake, but not his face:

Then we worked in the garage and around the house. I know. Pretty exciting, right?! But, the kids had fun, and it was nice to have a day to play with Daddy. Michael was especially excited. Every time someone passed by the house, Michael would yell, "Happy Valentine's Day!!"

Then, that evening Scott's friend from school, Ashley, came over and watched the kids, while Scott & I went to Wendy's and the mall. We didn't do anything too fancy schmancy on Valentine's Day, because we went out for a nice dinner on Tuesday night. Why Tuesday night? a) to miss the crowds & b) because the Beehives were doing a "bring your kids to the church from 6-8 and we'll watch them for free as a service project" thing. Free babysitting= score!

Hope you had a splendid Valentine's Day!

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