Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dead Horse

As mentioned in the last post, for Spring Break we went on a camping trip with 5 other families from the Podiatry program. We went to Dead Horse State Park, which is about an hour and a half drive. It was {SO} fun! I'm so glad we went! I thought it might get a little hairy camping with that many kids. (I know my kids alone can be a handful sometimes all the time!) But, it worked out great. All the kids just played together and entertained one another. They loved having buddies to hang out with...and so did Scott & I!!

Michael found a lizard on the wall of the bathroom and Scott caught it for him. He became {OBSESSED} with it. He carried it around the whole trip, except for when we let it 'take a nap' in a water bottle the second day! It even bit his thumb and he still wanted it back. Here he is showing "Black" off:

This is the face he made when we suggested taking it with us to the lake and letting it go swimming.

I must admit, I've become somewhat of a picture fiend...especially since my Dad passed away. I want to get a picture of everyone and everything! When three of the girls (who shall remain nameless for anonymity's sake) were sitting on a bench together I thought it would make a great picture, so I told them to lean together and say cheese. This is what I got.

You girls are all gorgeous. I don't know why you are so afraid of getting your pictures taken! Embrace your hottie-ness!!

On the second day we walked from our campsite over to a little playground and lake they had there. This is how the girls ended up getting back to the campsite after we were done at the lake. Poor Daddy!

The kids were enjoying throwing rocks into the lake. l to r: Scott, Logan, Michael, JJ.

That afternoon we all went in a caravan on a drive to a nearby mining town, Jerome. It was a pretty drive, and I actually got to see some snow up in the mountains. Hooray! Here is a family pic next to the big mine pit. As you can see, it was quite windy!

Chillin' at camp.

"Mommy, I'm trying to relax. Why do you want to take my picture right now?!"

Jenn brought crafty stuff for the kids to do. (Genius, I tell you!) Here are some of the kids working on their foam visors.

Emma, showing off her visor.

Katelynn {loves} to take pictures. She's not too bad at it, either. I let her take a bunch of pictures while we were packing up. She did a pretty good job of chronicling it, too! Here is one she took of me.

One she took of Daddy packing the trunk.

One she took of her friend, Logan.

She is quite the budding photographer, I must say.

It was {so fun} to spend a few days doing something fun and 'outdoorsy' as a family, and it was great getting to know our friends from school a little better. Maybe we can make it an annual tradition, who knows?


  1. Looks like tons of fun, hooray! You've got me itchy for summer now. :)

  2. Katelynn's got a pretty steady hand. I'm impressed. Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

  3. wish we could have gone. looks like you had a great time.

  4. Love it! Hooray for the pods! I think the family picture at Jerome is super cute! And the lizard situation was hilarious!!

  5. oooo, it looks so nice and warm ha ha! Mmmmmm. Warm. That would be lovely.

    About your craft question, I'll ask around. I know that a lot of people just mail their crafts in too, so you could always do that (though, if your crafts are super heavy, that wouldn't be cost effective!) That would be AWESOME if you got a group together to do it! I will definitely try to find a connection that could transport them. It's not until NOVEMBER< so surely we should be able to figure something out!

    Thanks so much for finding ways to serve even though we have a considerably large distance between us! You're so flippin' awesome like that. ;)

  6. Looks like you had so much fun! I can't wait for our weather to warm up so we can go hiking & camping!


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