Thursday, July 30, 2009

Introducing Princess Dolly

A couple of weeks ago we got a kitten!! She was, we think, 8 or 9 weeks old when we got her. We got her from this lady who rescued a group of cats from a construction site. We took the kids with us and let them help us decide which one to take home. As soon as we got there, Michael picked her up and said, "This is the one I want." They are so in love with her.

The name we came to a consensus on is Princess Dolly. Why, you ask? Well, when Scott's Dad was growing up they had cows, and they would name the cows after ex-girlfriends of Scott's Grandpa. Everytime we see his Grandma she talks about how "they always had a cow named Dolly". It's kind of a family joke. So, when tossing around names for the cat we said, 'Well, we don't have a cow, but how about Dolly?" The kids liked that name. They also liked the name Princess. We ended up just using both names and settled on Princess Dolly.

Sometimes we catch the kids giving her too much love, but I think getting a cat has been a good thing for the kids. Michael is always saying things like, "That kitty is so cute, huh." and "I just love that little kitty."

The kids sitting on the couch with the kitty the night we got her.

Michael cuddling with Princess Dolly during a movie.

Katelynn taking a turn with the kitty.

Michael showing his true feelings about her.

Pretty kitty.

Oh, and Nate & Nathan...she's still alive, so I think you BOTH lost your bet. Ha!! ;)


  1. So cute! I agree kids should have a cat or dog, actually it has been shown they have fewer allergies when they do :).

  2. Thanks for not naming the cat after me. I guess. I'd rather have a cat named after me than a cow, though. ;)

  3. I will see your kitty and raise 3 more..thus we FOUR kitties..Julio(orange-gotta have an orange one) PIB(puss In Boots0 has white paws) Onyx(greay tiger , Sariah says it looks like Pepper a cat we had in Baxter) and Lamia(Have to ask MoMo how to pronounce this one-she named it)

  4. Grandpa and Grandma also had a horse named Princess that Scott used to ride. So technically he named the cat after a cow and a horse....



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