Saturday, July 25, 2009


Some good friends of ours (You know who you are!) took us to this awesome 50's dinner in Glendale called Lenny's. It's a tiny place, but the food is good and the ice cream cones are 50 cents! Here we are enjoying our cones.

Emma & Michael. Michael has been requesting ice cream everyday since then!

Katelynn cheesin' it.

Katelynn & Daddy sharing a cone.

Smile you two!

Mommy, Emma & Michael. It looks like Emma is too busy looking at the decorations to look at the camera.

Thanks for the tip, guys! We'll have to go there again sometime!


  1. Scott's tongue looks freakishly long!

  2. I like Michael's smile in the one where you are cheesing with Katelynn.

  3. OOps make that Emma.couldn't remember which one was in the picture too

  4. Ditto what Jaime said. And you know that it is the trauma of being forced to share with daddy's who take really, really big bites (and licks) that make kids hate sharing, right? As kids, we learned to keep our fingers in just the right spot to stop my dad from taking too big of a bite... though we almost lost some fingers.

  5. Actually, Katelynn wanted him to share with her. He had his own cone. She kept saying, "You want some, Daddy? Take a bite." But I agree..his tongue *does* look kinda long, huh. I didn't notice that before!


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