Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pool Party

On Saturday we went down to Dave's house (Scott's friend from school) for a pool party. The kids were excited to go swimming and to see some of their friends. Everyone had a good time.

We did have one little scare, though. Michael was on the other side of the pool from us and decided to take his floaty ring off & get in the pool!! We looked over and saw him kicking and pushing his little head above the water. We ran over and Scott jumped into the pool with all of his clothes on to grab Michael. He was totally okay, and didn't even cry or anything. All he did was scold us for not helping him. (He's been doing that lately. If he gets hurt or something doesn't go his way, he says, "I *told* you to help me!", like it's our fault that whatever happened, even though he hasn't said a word to us. For example, he was climbing on a shelf to get a toy down, and when he lost his balance he yelled, "I TOLD you to help me!!", when we had no idea he wanted a toy off that shelf. Anyway, back to the party...) We are happy that he was alright. I'm glad that the kids took some swimming lessons this summer, because I don't think Michael would have done as well with that situation before he had the lessons. Rather than freaking out, he was able to kick and keep his head above the water. We are very grateful for that!

Here are some pictures from the day. Yea for having a fixed camera!!


  1. Definitely a fun thing to do on a hot az day. Glad Michael made it out okay.

  2. Wow that is scarey! I'm so glad he is okay! I'll bet Scott looked like Superman running and jumping into the pool fully clothed! Way to go Scott, maybe you should think about taking a spot on the hit show Babewatch...uh uh I mean Baywatch! Haha!

  3. What no pictures of Scott all wet after saving Michael? I got pictures of my mom when she fell into the reflecting pool at Sara's wedding.


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