Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Swimming & BBQ

On Saturday we went to our friend Brittnee's parents' house for a little BBQ/swimming party. We had so much fun! The kids had a blast swimming & playing with the other kids, and Mommy & Daddy had fun chatting with everyone.

Emma, Katelynn, Natalie & Logan playing in the pool.

Katelynn & Michael swinging on the swingset.

Emma & Natalie playing in the sandbox.

Scott enjoying some yummy food.

Okay, this is too crazy. Scott was going off of the diving board with Emma & Katelynn ON HIS BACK!! And they LOVED it! They also love swimming underwater with Scott. Those girls have a good set of lungs on 'em! I can't hold my breath that long!

Here are Katelynn & Daddy going off the diving board. I love the 'action' shot.

And Emma & Daddy. Notice the huge smile on her face as they are coming up to the surface.

A couple more pics of the kids playing in the pool.

Emma loves to go underwater! She is definitely a water baby!

One crazy thing that happened is that I got stung by a bee! I was just standing in the pool, minding my own business, and all of a sudden I feel this pinching on my neck. I said, "Is there something on my neck? It almost feels like I'm being stung by a bee or something." Everyone started freaking out. Scott had to pull out the stinger, while Nate Judd started hitting the bee in the water with a boogie board! Luckily, I'm not super allergic to bee stings, but it was still a bit freaky. Now I'm a little swollen around the sting, and the right side of my neck is kinda stiff. Other than that, no biggie.

Thanks for the invite, guys. We had a blast!

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  1. I always knew Emma was a water baby!


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