Sunday, August 16, 2009

Swimming with Larsons

Last week we went swimming with our buddies, the Larsons. Jenn's mom was in town and they wanted to show her a good time. It was a nice day for a swim. The Foothills Aquatic Center is like a mini water park, so that's where we ended up going.

The kids are getting better and better at swimming. They were actually swimming underwater!! Emma & Katelynn are getting especially good at it. Here are a couple pics of Emma doin' her thang.

Michael's getting a lot better, too. He's showing me that he can put his head 'underwater'. A few months ago it would have been like pulling teeth to get him to lean back in the water like that.

Daddy playing with the kids in the water.

Katelynn coming out of the water slide.

I didnt' get a good pic of Scott & I, but atleast I got a good one of Jenn & Nathan.

Mommy playing with the kids in the water.

Scott going off the diving board.

Thanks for letting us crash your pool party!


  1. How fun! I can't wait for the day when my kids will actually enjoy a real pool.

  2. I always knew Emma was a water baby. Michael is doing so good! Katelynn is doing marvelous as well. I miss them so much!


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