Monday, September 21, 2009

Bird Sighting at IKEA

Last week we went to IKEA, and there was a BIRD in the store!! We were cruising along near the curtains, and we see this bird walking around on the ground. It walked underneath one of the racks. Then, he (or she...*I* didn't get close enough to tell!) flew up into the rafters. I whipped out my camera and snapped a picture of the crow. (I think it was a crow. I'm no ornithologist.)

My friend's daughter was chasing it and saying, "Birdie, birdie.....come here. Here, birdie birdie......" Unfortunately, I was in a different part of the store when this happened, but I heard it was hilarious. I was catching up with my friends after dropping the girls off in Smaland.

Why wasn't I dropping off Michael as well? Michael was not allowed to go to Smaland because he ran off TWICE. The first time was when we first got to IKEA. I got him out of the car first, and told him to wait next to the car while I got the girls out. I looked up and he was all the way to the front door! Luckily, we parked in the family lot, so he was just on the sidewalk and not walking through the parking lot, but he still gave me a heart attack. The second time, I had taken the kids to the bathroom by the restaurant after lunch, and was taking care of some business myself. When I came out of the stall, the girls were still there washing their hands, but Michael was gone. He was down the hall & all the way to the stairs! We were about to go to Smaland, so I decided right then and there that he was *not* going to be allowed to go play. He had to stay with me and sit in the cart the whole time the girls were in Smaland. I hated having one-on-one time with me as a punishment, but I had to convince that kid somehow to not run off, and that seemed like the best punishment at the time.

He was so funny, though, because near the end of the girls' time in Smaland, Michael started saying, "I'm worried about the girls. I miss them. We need to go check on them. I'm worried about my girls." I thought it was so sweet. Then, the truth comes out! He says, "I'm worried about the girls. I want you to go check on them. Then, when we get them you can just leave me there at the kid place." HA!! Worried about the girls, my eye! What a conniving little punk! I think he gets it from his father. (I'm not really mad. In fact, I think it is hilarious. "I'm worried about my girls..." Psh!)

I love IKEA. It's fun to look at all the displays, eat for cheap in the restaurant and browse all the cheap, stylish stuff. I got 2 side tables for the living room, a little table and chairs set for the kids (a display model in the "As-is" dept for $19. Holla!) and a set of white serving dishes. If it was closer I would probably be there a lot more often.


  1. Oh that's weird. Hopefully it didn't poop on anything...or anybody!

  2. Too funny, I *heart* Michael! Boys are the best negotiators, it will be a skill he can use some day.


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