Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Crazy Weekend

Saturday morning we woke up to a beautiful, sunny day and decided to go to the park as a family. The kids got their tricycles out of the backyard, and we headed down the street toward the park. We saw some friends from our ward driving down the street we were about to cross, and they stopped to talk to us for a minute. Then, we crossed the street and continued on to the park. The kids had fun saying "Hi!" to a couple of dogs, and then started to play.

We were playing near the single monkey bar, and Scott thought it would be fun to show the kids how to swing from your legs. Unfortunately, whilst doing so he slipped from the bar and fell ON HIS HEAD!!! When his head hit the ground, his back buckled a little and the wind was knocked out of him. He crouched there on his knees for a while, then gingerly sat up. His upper back was in a significant amount of pain, and was unable to take deep breaths. He determined that he needed to go to a doctor and have some x-rays taken to be sure there was no major damage.

I ran home as fast as I could, grabbed the car, and drove over to the park. I threw the tricycles in the trunk, helped Scott & the kids get into the car, and started driving to the hospital, since none of the urgent care facilities have the capability to take x-rays of the back. While I was on my way back to the park I'd called a friend to come watch the kids while I took Scott to the doctor, but after arriving at the park Scott said he needed to go to the hospital right away because he was in so much pain. So, I called the friend and had her meet me at the hospital. We also called her husband and asked him to meet us there as well so he could give Scott a blessing.

We arrived at the hospital about the same time as the friend. She helped me get the kids out of the car, while I helped get Scott out. Then I went to park the car, since I was in the drop-off zone. A few minutes later they called Scott back to triage, and got him settled into a room. My friend's husband arrived with another friend of ours to administer the blessing. After the blessing they wheeled Scott away to have his x-rays done. I left at that point to take the kids over to my friend's house, rather than having the kids hang out in the Emergency Room. The triage nurse kinda freaked out about them being there, because it is 'swine flu season'. We wanted to get the kids out of there anyway, 'cause we didn't know how long Scott was going to be at the hospital. So, I ran home, grabbed the kids' blankets & swimsuits and drove them to my friend's. After dropping the kids off I headed back to the hospital to be with Scott.

When I got there they had already released him. He was given a couple of prescriptions and was told to follow up with a non-ER doc in 2-4 days. Luckily, the x-rays showed no spinal cord damage. It looks like he just has some soft tissue damage. But, he has "pain. Lots of pain." (name that movie)

I took Scott home, got him settled into bed (which was/is easier said than done), dropped off his prescriptions, then went to pick up the kids. I had planned on going with my friend to her stake's Relief Society broadcast, but now that Scott was out of commission that didnt' look possible, because a) there is no way he could watch the kids and b) we couldn't have a babysitter at the house with Scott laying in bed. (the whole "inappropriate" thing). SO, my angel friend arranged to have a sitter come to her house to watch the kids so we could both go to the Relief Society broadcast.

I'm SO glad I was able to go. The service project and dinner beforehand was a lot of fun. Four of my friends were there, and we were having a blast. They are all such a hoot. It was nice to see the broadcast, too. Here are a few of the things that really stood out to me.
  • Get rid of non-essentials. What habits have you formed or what things are you doing that are non-essential? Spend your time doing things that build up the kingdom of God.
  • Serve according to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Never suppress a generous thought.
  • Women are heroines when they embrace righteousness & shun selfishness.
  • You are a powerful influence for good. It is through you that God's great love for His children is made manifest.
  • Be sure to "mind the gap". Gaps include: the gap between what we know we should be doing and what we actually get accomplished, the gap between believing you are a precious child of God and knowing you are (Don't let doubt and insecurity fill your mind), and the gap between believing in Christ and being valiant in our testimony of Him (repent and be faithful).
  • Feelings of charity come through the Atonement. Charity is part of the change of heart.
On Sunday I had a meeting with a member of the bishopric right before church. I didn't have the kids ready in time, so I ran to the church, had my meeting (I was called to be the ward music chairman. Lol!), ran home to get the kids, and ran back to church. It was kinda weird to be at church by myself without Scott. There is no way he was going to make it through 3 hours of church!

So, all in all it was kind of a crazy weekend, wouldn't you say?!


  1. Definitely a crazy weekend! I'm glad Scott is okay.

    Have fun with your new calling. I had the calling for 2 1/2 years or so. I actually enjoyed it. I got to sit at the front to lead the music and have some peace and quiet while my hubby got to wrangle the kids. I would go help him during the talks, but it was nice to have a peaceful sacrament.

  2. Famous last words of a fool before he is rushed to the ER, "Hey kids, watch what Daddy can do!"

    Hope Scott feels better soon.

  3. rob just got called to that calling too


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