Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday already?!

This week is flying by, and I don't really have much to show for it.

On Saturday we went to the park in the morning, then that evening Scott & I went to the adult session of Stake Conference. I was supposed to be there for choir at 6:10, but between cleaning the house, chasing crazy kids and picking up the babysitter, we didn't get there until after 7. The meeting had already started and I had to slink up to my seat, feeling utterly embarrassed. After conference, we went out to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. I love that place. I swear it used to be half that price, though. Stupid inflation..sheesh! We gorged ourselves on too many carbs, and after I was starting to feel like Tommy Boy ("..and I'd get bear claws lodged right here...") we decided it was time to go. Since we were there at closing time, we were able to take a few dozen muffins with us. Score!

Sunday was Stake Conference. A two hour meeting with little kids, in the metal chairs no less, is not my idea of a good time. Oh, well. The rest of the day we just stayed at home...nothing super exciting. It was a pretty peaceful Sunday, I'd say.

Monday the kids had Little Tigers, after which we headed to our friend's house, where Mommy did a workout video while the kids played in the backyard. That night we had Family Home Evening, where we had a little lesson about service and introduced our chore charts. The kids seem really excited about them. The hardest part is getting *me* to follow through and help them with their chores. I have a hard enough time getting chores done myself!

Tuesday we went to the park for a little while, then went to Institute at Scott's school. The teacher this semester is *awesome*! The lesson was on the first few chapters of 1st Nephi, and he pointed out so many neat things that I had never caught before. There is so much contained in the scriptures! It's amazing!

After Institute, the kids and I went to the grocery store. At Fry's they have a "Kids' Korner" where you can, get this, DROP YOUR KIDS OFF WHILE YOU SHOP! I know...pretty amazing, right?! That's the only place I shop now. A whole hour and a half to myself to shop in peace and wander the store?! Get outta town! Later that night Scott's friend, Shaun, hung out with the kiddos at McDonald's while Scott & I went to our karate class.

Then, after karate, I met a couple of friends at T.G.I.Friday's for a GNO. It was *SO* fun. I haven't laughed that hard in such a long time. Our server probably thought we were nuts, or drunk. Really, we were just 3 overtired, crazy moms at a restaurant without our children. That's a high in and of itself! No alcohol needed! It was seriously so much fun. I don't think I would survive med school without these lovely ladies to laugh with.

On Wednesday, we just bummed around at home until it was time for Little Tigers. I was frustrated, 'cause Emma *refused* to participate! She stood there by the door the whole time! At first I stood next to her. Then, I just left and watched through the windows outside. Every few minutes one of the instructors would come over and ask her if she was ready to participate, and she just shook her head and said "No!". I don't know what her deal is. She didn't want to on Tuesday, either. At least on Tuesday she finally joined in, but not today! Michael & Katelynn love it, though. I'll even catch Michael pretending that he is in his karate class at home.

Which brings us to we have not done much. In a few minutes I will be leaving to take the kids to the Larson's house (Jenn's watching them during karate), then off to karate. After karate, we are having dinner at the Larsons'. That should be fun. We haven't done much 'couple friend' activity in a little while. Scott has been busy studying like crazy. He has a test coming up on Monday. I think he had 2 tests last week, but I can't remember for sure. I can't keep track of all these tests!

So, nothing too exciting. Just had to do a little update. Sorry I don't have any pictures to accompany this post. (I know, I'm no fun at all. Ha ha ha!) I'll have to pull the pictures off my camera and get some up for ya. Till then, have a great day!!

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  1. I LOVE Sweet Tomatoes, though I wish there was one closer. Have you joined the email club? I get buy one get one's all the time. I didn't know they gave away muffins at closing, I am SO there! I am lusting your Fry's something fierce, as Liz Lemon would say, I want to go to there.


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