Sunday, October 4, 2009


Back on September 14th the kids had a WIC appointment. Here are their stats:

height: 40"
weight: 33.14 lbs.

height: 39.2"
weight: 33.13 lbs.

height: 38"
weight: 31.5 lbs.

Looks like Michael needs to grow a couple of inches before he can go on Splash Mountain & Big Thunder. Katelynn's really close, though. Anyone have any kid stretching tips? ;)


  1. Good luck with that! Ha ha! Kortland was jeeeust under 42" when we went to Sea World and LegoLand and he got to go on about half of the rides! It depended on whether the teenage turd at the gate was a stickler or not! Fun stuff :)

  2. Holy crap Jillian, You've just proved that I have a jolly giant of a child. Oakley is 24lbs and 32in! I seriously pray that Oakley never over takes the kidlets in size! It would be so fun to see them all together.

  3. I know that Brent & Lisa put napkins in Max's shoes so he was tall enough!!
    I must have huge kids, Mara's 3 1/2 and is almost 41 inches and she weighs 43 pounds!!!!!!
    I'm just hoping she'll grow taller soon and stop gaining weight.

  4. Well, they are in (I think) the 25th percentile for height & weight, so your kids aren't giants, mine are just teeny!

  5. I certainly wouldn't know--we didn't get on any of the rides :p. Though thick shoes and spiky hair do help, less than 38 inches did not.


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