Monday, November 2, 2009

Hot Date

A couple weeks ago Scott & I were able to go on a date!! Woo hoo!! We don't get out on dates very often, so we were quite excited. We went out to dinner at Bangkok Thai Grill, which is this little hole-in-the-wall place with great Thai food. I'm a wimp and don't like my Thai too spicy, but Scott says, "The spicier, the better!". One dish we ordered at medium spiciness, and after one bite I had to feel around to see if my mouth was still there, 'cause I couldn't feel it anymore! It was, of course, Scott's favorite dish.

Here we are at our table. I took some pictures, because it seems like we don't have very many pictures of just Scott & I. Most of our pictures are of the kids. And, yes, this is the best picture we got. Man, we look like dorks! But we're awesome dorks, right?! Right? *tap, tap* Is this thing on...


  1. I totally look like that in pictures! So depressing! I'm glad you got out and had fun. ( : I sure never do but I'm glad some people make the effort. I'm sure it's good for your relationship.

  2. So do they have Halloween in Arizona because with the lack of photographic evidence found on your blog I am forced to conclude no. I know they have Halloween parties before Halloween but what about the actual day? I find it fun to harass people when I am angry with profs for unfair grading. I have to vent somehow.

  3. Hey guys! Good to know you are still the same old Robertsons we used to hang out with in Provo. Will you guys send us your address? (

  4. Fun! You guys are cute together :) I'm glad you got a night out alone. You definitely deserve it!


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