Monday, January 25, 2010

Funny Kids

The kids have a nasty & irritating habit of stealing food from the pantry and hiding it in their bedroom or playroom. They will take the food in their rooms, open it up & eat it. Their favorite "hiding" places are their bedroom closet, under their beds & under the train table.

This habit of theirs drives me bonkers! It makes everything a mess, spoils their meals and wastes food. We will try different punishments and will think we have eradicated the problem, only to find hidden food in their rooms again.

The other day we found under the train table a tin of Danish butter cookies, which had originally been stored on the top shelf of one of the kitchen cabinets. Today I was getting a cookie out of the tin, and guess what I found nestled next to the cookies??

A CTR Ring!!

"Uhm, you guys remember what CTR stands for, right..."

Ha ha ha!


  1. CTR stands for...

    Catch The Robber
    Cheat The 'Rents
    Capture Three Rugrats
    Consume The Rubbish



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