Friday, January 8, 2010

LaBrea Tar Pits

During our trip to California we took a "day off" from Disneyland and headed to the LaBrea Tar Pits. The kids love natural history museums, and it was pretty interesting. They have tar pits full of fossils that they excavating. There is a big window looking into their lab so you can see what they are working on at the present time.

Here we are comparing Katelynn's height to that of a bear. I think the bear wins...

My absolute favorite picture from the museum. Michael is posing in front of a saber tooth. Rawr!!

Here Michael & Emma are trying to torture play with the turtles in the atrium. I like how Emma's leg is up in the air, I'm guessing for balance.

Katelynn riding on Mommy's shoulders & making a silly face.

It was nice to take a little break and go to the museum.

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  1. love the purse! Katelynn looks like she's almost as tall as you!


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