Saturday, January 23, 2010

Not much to report

I realized while trying to catch up on posts from December I haven't done a post about anything that has been going on with us. Well, that's because there isn't much going on with us!

Scott started school again on the Monday after New Year's. So, he's just been studying up a storm. And speaking of storms, we had a pretty crazy one the other night. We had several days in a row of rain, which is really, really crazy! In the last few days we received about as much rain as Phoenix usually does in a YEAR. So all of the parks are flooded, because all of them are designed to catch rainfall during monsoon season. It was fun to see the rain, though. Michael kept saying, "Ooh! I'm so excited that it's raining . I love the rain." Hopefully he keeps that attitude if we end up back in Oregon in a few years.

Let's see...what else? We've gotten together with friends a few times for dinner, which is always fun. For Christmas Scott got me a gym membership, so I've been going to the gym. The kids love it in the kids' club there, so I can just go to a class or walk on the treadmill without having to worry about the kids.
Fun for kids + Mommy break & exercise = win-win situation.

Hmmm...I've been stressing out lately about kindergarten options for the kids. They start Kindergarten in the Fall! There are just so many things to consider when deciding. Public or charter school? If you do a charter school, which one? Full-day or half-day? Yikes! So, it's stressful because you want to make the absolute best decision for your kids & their education, but it's also stressful because you start to realize how fast they are growing up. What am I going to do when they are gone all day? I know for the first little while it will be exciting, but then what? And, if we don't have any more kids, I'm home alone all day forever now. While thinking about it, I realized that if we don't have any more kids I will be an empty-nester by the time I'm in my early 40s!! Huh?! Time is flying by too fast! What is happening here?! I feel like I need to start shopping for walkers and Ben-gay. Ooh, and I'd better pick up some Metamucil on the way home! Good thing Scott's going to be a podiatrist. Then maybe he can get me a good deal on some orthopedic shoes. It's all very strange. Very strange, indeed.

So, that's about all that is going on with us right now. I signed the kids up for a little soccer class, which was supposed to start today, but was postponed because of the weather. I think that will be a lot of fun. One of their best friends in their Sunbeam class is in the class, too, which I think will be a good thing. Michael is really excited, because he was playing soccer with some boys at the park a couple weeks ago and having a blast.

That's all I can really think of right now. Hopefully I can get caught up & get back to writing more frequently, and posting stories that are more interesting.


  1. Oh Oh serioulsy I need a new walker sooo bad! Let's go together! Any fo shore Michael will get used to the rain because you'll be fo shore moving to Oregon, hopefully soon because I miss you and will the kidlets starting the Big K they'll need after school jobs and so I'll hire them to babysit Oakley. I mean their combined age will be 18 so it's all Kosher, right?! Anywho, love you and miss you and am SO grateful you weren't washed away in all that foolishness of a storm!

  2. PS: On the 5th line of my comment the word 'will' should be subbed for 'with'. Makes much more sense that way! But really anyway you'd like to read it is fine, it's your blog and all. Lovens!

  3. If you need some advice about schools, I'm always willing to share my imput! : ) I would definitely advice AGAINST charter schools unless you very, very carefully study the school out!

  4. It's crazy how quick the little munchkins grow. And I'm with you, it will be exciting to get some stuff done without them, but then you'll just miss them. And the debate I have is how OLD I will be if I do have more when they are done with school. Hmph, why does time go so fast?

  5. When I went home teaching the family I was visiting was wondering about schooling options for their children so I pointed out how little pre-college education actually mattered because by the time they are done with their freshmen year of college they have had it all retaught to them anyway. Well everything but English grammar and punctuation but they don't teach those things in school anyway because the teachers don't know them either. Take Scott as an example he didn't graduate from high school now look at him. So on second thought maybe this is a more important decision than I was thinking.


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