Thursday, February 25, 2010

Silly Goose...

Katelynn is having ANOTHER relapse!!! They say that any sickness can trigger it. We were all sick and, lo and behold, she is relapsing. We tested her urine last night and it showed she was WAY positive for protein. We called the doctor this morning and they said, "Bring her in." So, I had to drive to downtown Phoenix just to have the doc look at her for two seconds and hand me the prescription for prednisone. Duh. And I drove 45 minutes  WHY?! Plus, I ran into rush housr on the way home!

I mean, I can see the doctor's reasoning, because if he just prescribed the meds without looking at her and seeing a positive "protein in the urine" test result and something happened he could be in deep doo doo. But, it's still frustrating. We're thinking about possibly switching our insurance just to be able to visit a new clinic that opened not too long ago that is MUCH closer, because the drive is seriously a pain.

So, we just have to keep up with this prednisone twice a day till her urine tests negative, then wean her off of it. The doctors say that most children eventually grow out of this and have no more problems with it. Let's hope that is the case with Katelynn.


  1. Oh man, that stinks. I hope the meds work quickly for her. I hear ya on the long drives to pointless Dr. appointments. Did one of those myself today and am scheduled to do another next week. Yay.

  2. That girl! Sorry I wasn't here to watch the other kids while you took that fun drive. But, I'M HOME!!! So, call if you need anything :)

  3. Give Katelynn our best and we hope she feels better soon (all of you for that matter). When do you think you all will make another trip to Oregon? Evelyn would love to meet her cousins!


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