Friday, May 7, 2010

Piggy Nose

When I took the kids in a couple weeks ago for their dental check-up they, unfortunately, all had at least one cavity, so our days have been spent visiting the good 'ole dentist's office. But, the staff is really nice & the dentist is really good with the kids. It's a very kid-friendly office.

Here is a picture of Emma in her "piggy nose" holding "Pink Piggy" after her turn in the chair. By the can be pretty funny sometimes when they are on nitrous oxide. Katelynn was more talkative than usual, if you can imagine that!

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  1. When I got my wisdom teeth pulled, they gave me nitrous oxide to relax me before the anesthesia. I freaked out. I started hyperventilting and I suddenly felt very claustrophobic (which is not something I normally deal with). I was trying to tear the mask off my face, and they kept pulling my hands away telling me to relax. I think they finally got it when they saw the tears streaming down my face. I finally got the mask off, and after a few deep breaths of real air, I told them that it was definitely not helping me relax, and that I didn't have a problem with needles, so they could just dope me up without it. Never again.

    Never again.


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