Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mommy Interview

I saw this on a friend's blog and thought it was funny, so I thought I would do one with my kids. It's funny to hear what kids think of. I'll have to do one for Father's Day.

What is something mommy always says to you?
K:  “Don’t get in trouble.”
E: “Be nice.”
M: “Don’t get in food.”

What makes mommy happy?
K: don’t get in yogurt
E: kids don’t get in trouble
M: Uhm, don’t stand on stuff if you get hurt.  Be careful.

What makes mommy sad?
K: when we get in trouble. In yogurt. (I'm sensing a theme here...)
E: we didn’t clean up our room
M: don’t obey.

How does mommy make you laugh?
K: you do silly things to me.
E: tickle me
M: pretending you’re talking, like this (moves his mouth opened and closed)

What was mom like as a kid?
K: get in trouble and your grandma & grandpa tell you what to do.
E: Uhm, you don’t get married.
M: Um, a baby.

How old is mommy?
K:  Uhm, 5. 7, 8, 9 and 5.
E: Uhm, 4.
M: 5

How tall is mommy?
K:  Taller like a giant to scare the ants and carry us.
E: 5
M: Big

What is mommy's favorite thing to do?
K:  Uhm, have so much fun and sit on the bench and talk to people. (that's pretty good.)
E: Um, make food to eat.
M: Clean the house so we can not make a mess. (Is that why they make messes? 'Cause they think cleaning is my favorite thing to do?)

What does mommy do when you're not around?
K:  You are scared and you think we got taken away.
E: Uhm, eat dinner.
M: Clean

If mommy was famous, what would it be for?
K: ‘Cause, uhm, you think we got in cereal and got in trouble. (Sounds like I need to check on things...)
E: Do school.
M: Frogs

What is mommy really good at?
K: Your kids be nice to you and we be good to you.
E: Be nice.
M: Wishing

What is mommy not really good at?
K: You are not good at, um… Mommy I did a 2!! Lookit! I did a 2!!
E: Be mad.
M: Not touching crabs. They might hurt you, like grab you and make you die. (Huh?)

What does mommy do for a job?
K: You clean up our house. (Yep)
E: Make dinner a lot. (Yep, again.)
M: Chickens. Chickens?! We don’t even have chickens. No, I’m saying we’re going to get them. (Okay...)

What is mommy’s favorite food?
K: Your favorite food is eating yogurt.
E: Mac n’ cheese
M:  *shrugs shoulders* Uhm, noodles?

What makes you proud of mommy?
K:  Don’t get in trouble.
E: I be good in the library. (I think maybe the girls thought I meant what *they* do to make *me* proud, not the other way around.)
M: Uhm, getting animals. Yeah, for our backyard.

If mommy were a cartoon character, which one would it be?
K:  A Mommy character.
E: A Mom
M: Um, a chicken costume that you’re wearing.

What do you and mommy do together?
K: We have so much fun at the park.
E: We be nice and good.
M: Hum, um, um, help me go swimmin’ so I can’t drown.

How are you and mommy the same?
K: Uhm, being good and being the same
E: Uhm, we always love to be friends.
M: Going to, obviously, being a movie, like on a stage.

How are you and mommy different?
K: We are different because we like ourself.
E: We have yellow hair and brown hair. (good one!)
M: Uhm, obviously when we got in a costume we be chickens. (I have never worn a chicken costume!)

How do you know mommy loves you?
K: We don’t get in trouble.
E: Be nice. You kiss me on the cheek
M: Uhm, buy chicken, like an animal, so I can be happy. (what is with this kid and chickens?)

Where is mommy’s favorite place to go?
K: You go to the museum a long time ago.
E: Go home.
M: Obviously, go watch movies, like a movie theater. I know you love movie theaters.


  1. Ooooh my goodness, this made me laugh so hard. I hope you know that I am picturing you cruising around in a chicken suit 24/7, obviously:)
    I love movie theaters too, and really hope that you make it one day as a famous frog;)
    Uh oh, now you're in a chicken suit and you're singing "Hello my baby, hello my darling!..."
    I may spend too much time around not grown ups.

  2. Hahah! This was amazing! I can't wait till I have kids and I can do this :D

  3. This was such a cute post! I might have to copy you if it's okay. Your kids are crack ups, obviously. You sound like a good mom :)

  4. Yogurt, chickens, trouble, and cleaning. Tunnel vision maybe?

  5. I loved this!! Rickey loves Michael's obsession with chickens. your kids crack me up!! maybe you should buy Michael a chicken. :)

  6. Oh my goodness, Michael had me laughing so much. Boys!

  7. I am laughing at the chicken obsession theme - it's about the same with my boy, and the Wii. Maybe be a chicken for Halloween?


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