Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nielson's Grove

One morning during our trip we met some friends from our old BYU married student ward at the park for a picnic. I had forgotten how much I love that park. The weather that day was the best we had the whole time and it was so fun to see the friends who were able to come. We missed those who weren't able to make it! 

It's so funny to think that when we all met so many years ago we were just little newlyweds, and now we all have grown so much, had kids, moved and all the other crazy things that make up life! Hopefully we can all get together again some time!

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  1. That is such a great park. We were so lucky to have it just right there! Remember that day we went "sledding". It was fridged that day, but oh so much fun. I remember coming back and having cocoa at your house. And for some reason I remember Emma couldn't have cocoa so she was having cider. Funny thing to remember, but I'm so glad you have you and your family in my life and that I get to have those memories forever. Love ya!


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