Friday, June 18, 2010

Cinco en Mayo

I know I'm almost a month late in posting this, but for the kids' {FIFTH} birthday, we had a fiesta-themed party at the park, since they turned CINCO en MAYO. (Yes, it's cheesy, but I thought it was kinda awesome.)

Scott made his famous fajita burritos with cilantro-lime black beans, while the kids ran around playing on the playground and chasing the ducks. It was REALLY HOT, one of the hottest days we'd had so far, so we were kicking ourselves for not bringing water balloons and such for the kids to play with. But, live and learn, I guess.

(Chloe & Katelynn)

What's a birthday party without a pinata? I mean, blindfolded kids swinging a bat at a cardboard bull full of candy...does it get any better than that?

Then, it was time for cake. By the way, Costco makes a mean cake. I'm just sayin'. Delicioso!

Thanks to everyone who came. I know the kids had a great time and loved seeing their friends at the party. I can't believe my little babies are five now. It is so crazy. It seems like I just blinked and then they were all of a sudden kids. Craziness.

Party attendees, just so I remember:
Hunter & Macrae Oates (Vanessa)
Chloe & Bella Booher (Buffy)
Natalie & Maejae Larson (Nate & Jenn)
Bradley Bosen (Alison)
Makenna & Max Matthews (Austin & Pam)
Ashley Moore

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  1. Oh Oh I've been so excited for this post! What a neat party idea! Wish we could have been attendees.


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