Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ward "Fourth" of July Breakfast

Every year our ward has a big pancake breakfast on the Fourth of July. Since the Fourth fell on a Sunday this year, they had the breakfast on Saturday morning. The food was great, and they had a blow-up water slide set up for the kids. Even our Bishop went down the slide a few times! You know you live in Arizona when an outdoor summer activity starts at 7 am and it's already hot enough for water slides, and the activity ends by 9 because it's starting to get a little too warm!

It was really cute how the older kids would take the younger kids under their wings. They would go down the slide with the kids, and make sure they all got a turn, even if they got out of line.

(Katelynn & Charley)

(Emma & Chad)

(Katelynn, Emma & Michael)

(Scott & Aaron)

(Michael, wielding a sword)

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  1. CUTE! What a fun ward you have!
    And I love the matching shirts!


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