Sunday, August 29, 2010

Camping in Flagstaff

Last week Scott’s brother Stephen & his wife Melissa & their cute little baby Evelyn came down to Arizona for a visit. We decided it would be fun to go camping up near Flagstaff, where the weather is a little cooler than the crazy hot temps we have here in Phoenix.

An exciting camping trip consists of:

* petting all the puppies that pass by


* using new camping lingo like “match up” the fire and “break down” camp (lingo courtesy of Michael)

* climbing trees     P1020032 

*  spotting wildlife, including the skunks who kept appearing every night

*  making friends with the ‘neighbor’ kids


*  having Uncle Stephen comb the girls’ hair


* getting stung 4 or 5 times by bees, which happened to have a hive in our campsite

* sleeping in the car

P1020043* driving around Flagstaff trying to find a decent park, then playing at the library

*  blowing bubbles


* playing in the meadow


*  smiling for the camera


* attending a ranger presentation about coyotes (Michael was especially excited and told everyone that passed by)

* playing keep-away with Daddy’s hat


* moving rocks  P1020068

*playing Norwegian rummy & 313 every night after the kids go to bed

* hiking, singing silly songs, and enjoying the beautiful views at the top

P1020075 P1020079 P1020088 

*trying to get a picture of the cousins together (‘trying’ being the operative word)


* pretending to be lions in the tall grass    P1020103P1020104 

* dining at a very busy In ‘N Out upon returning home

Thanks for coming out to visit, Stephen & Melissa! We’ll have to come up to Oregon next time!


  1. Love love love the pictures (especially the ones of my baby! ha ha). We did have a lot of fun. I still think it was a little odd to have just Scott's head poking out of the tent...

    How was San Diego?

  2. Love all the pictures. I really like both the family pics. The one of Katelynn with a blue scarf or shirt sleeve or something is super cute too. Looks like lots of fun.

  3. How fun! I love the one of them playing in the meadow.


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