Friday, August 6, 2010

Katelynn & the Tooth Fairy

On Sunday Katelynn lost her first tooth!! We were having corn on the cob for dinner. I can hear you saying, "Uh oh" now, but don't worry. It didn't come out on the cob. While trying to eat her corn she was complaining about it hurting. We just thought it was too hot or something, so we told her to wait a minute and try again. Then she was saying she couldn't eat it and something about her tooth. So, Scott looked into her mouth and, sure enough, one of her bottom teeth were loose. He wiggled it some, then had her go get a tissue for the little bit of blood. She kept wiggling it for a while, and then Scott was able to pull it out! Now the one right next to it is loose, as well.

That night we put her tooth in a little envelope and she placed it under her pillow for the Tooth Fairy. In the morning she had 2 "monies" in place of the envelope. She is very excited about it, and the other two can't wait until they can loose a tooth and receive a visit from the Tooth Fairy!

There are many milestones the kids reach, but for some reason this one really hit me hard. I know that the kids are no longer babies. They will be starting kindergarten next month! But, this milestone just really made me realize how much they are growing up. KIDS loose their teeth, not babies. My kids are KIDS now!! It's crazy how fast the time flies by sometimes. It makes me want to cry!

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