Monday, September 27, 2010

Girl’s Night Out!

Last week I was able to go out with a bunch of girls from my ward. It was SO much fun!! I hadn’t gone on a girls’ night in a long time, and it was such a blast. First, we had dinner at Moe’s Southwest Grill, then we walked around Westgate. We decided to get some frozen yogurt at this awesome place called Ocean Blue, then we walked around some more. As we were walking we saw a place with a mechanical bull, and one of the girls said, “We should do it!”. I was a bit hesitant at first, because I have ‘not done anything that indecorous in quite some time’ (name that movie). While some of the girls were filling out their waivers Scott sent me a text message, asking me when I was going to be home. I said, “I don’t know. We’re still hanging out. Some of the girls are going to ride a bull! Should I do it?!” He said, “Get a video of it.”, then sent another text that said, “Go for it!” “You’re awesome!”, I texted back, then filled out my form.

It was SO fun! I felt kinda like a dork, but I stayed on until right near the very end. I think the guy running it went easy on me, though. And, you may not think so, but it’s quite the workout! My legs were shaking for a while afterwards! Maybe that’s just a sign of my old age, though. Ha ha ha! There were four of us total that did it, while the rest of our group cheered us on.

Oh, and if you’re hoping to see the video here on this little ‘ole blog, you will be sorely disappointed. Why?

#1- There are some weirdoes out there, whom I don’t want watching my bull riding video. I don’t even want to go there…

#2- The camera is *not* a flattering angle while I’m getting on the bull. I *seriously* hope the old adage that the camera adds 10 pounds is true, because Yikes! My thighs look like they are enclosed in denim sausage casings. Ick!

It was fun to just be kinda crazy and do something out of the ordinary. It was funny, because there were a bunch of girls who are new in our ward with us that night, so I hope they don’t think we are *too* crazy. Normally we do things much more “normal”, like just going out to dinner or something. But, it was definitely a fun evening!

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  1. All of it was worth the moment of spontaneity! That was such a fun night. I am glad that we all went out. I think we'll have to get together again sometime soon!


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