Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tim Hawkins!

A couple weeks ago Scott & I were able to go see Tim Hawkins! Who is Tim Hawkins, you ask?! Well, he is an *awesome* comedian who does clean, Christian comedy. He also does musical comedy. He is hilarious. You basically don't stop laughing the entire hour and a half.

Pre-show, getting excited. Oh! One thing that was funny is that the show was held at a church. But, it was NOT what we are used to! As you can kinda see, it has stadium-type seating, or more like a school auditorium, I guess, and a stage with these moving strobe lights, and TVs, and all this showy stuff. Not what we expected at all. I mean, it was a great place for the show, but just not what I was picturing when the lady out front said it was being held in the "sanctuary".

Tim & Willy from Camel Country 108 FM did a little thing before Tim came on.

The comedic master at work.

Seriously, go check out his website. You will be laughing your b-u-t-t off! I'm SO glad Scott & I were able to go. What a fun date night!

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  1. Oh my josh Jillian, so that button on the side for a powerful message...that's David's old boss and son!!!! That's freakin hilarious, what a small small world!



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