Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pie Party

For the last couple of years we have gotten together with friends the day after Thanksgiving for a ‘pie party’. Everyone brings their left over desserts from Thanksgiving to share and we just have a good time. 
All the girls were having fun dancing to Scott’s singing & guitar playing. (Scott Moore, not ‘my’ Scott)

* there should be a really cute video of the kids dancing here, but I can't get it to upload. Maybe I will be able to get it to work later. *

Katelynn really, really wanted to get a picture with ‘her friend Ashley’ to show her kids when she gets bigger. That kid cracks me up!
Emma & Katelynn took most of the pictures of the evening.
Nice pose, Natalie!P1020898
“Make a funny face!”P1020892
“Now, just do a normal smile.”P1020891

This has become a fun little tradition. We’ll sure miss our friends when we all leave for residency!    

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