Monday, February 14, 2011

Foto February- Day 14

Poor Katelynn was sick and had to miss school today! It was sad because not only did she miss her class party, but because I was home with her I couldn't go to the other kids' parties, either. And, I was suppose to be helping with Katelynn's party! So, when I dropped Emma & Michael off at school, I left the cookies and stuff for Katelynn's class with the other homeroom mom.

But, the day wasn't all bad. Good things:
*Michael cleaned the bathroom all by himself without being asked, then when he was done he asked me what else he could do! Jillian=shocked
* Had a fun time dancing with Emma in the living room to Glee songs.

* Put the kids down to bed early and had a lovely dinner with Scott, after which we watched "Serendipity". Love that movie! I believe Scott gave me that movie as a gift our first Christmas after we were married, so it's one of our 'go-to' romantic movies, along with "Return to Me" and "Ever After".

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