Thursday, February 17, 2011

Foto February- Day 17

I didn't get a picture taken today. We are all *still* sick! Blah! But, in the spirit of Foto February, I will share a picture today, it just won't be one taken today. Here ya go.

This picture was taken the day the kiddos came home from the hospital, 28 days after they were born. Aren't they so teeny tiny?! They are wearing preemie clothes, and they are still too big on them. It's weird to think they were ever that small. Compared to way back then, they are HUGE now!


  1. Okay, I've had it. How do we manage to even have the same car seat as each other?

  2. They were tiny. My sisters oldest was 9 weeks early. Thanks to her outrageous sewing skills, she had (doll) clothes that fit her perfectly.
    I'm so happy that they are growing so well.


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