Sunday, February 20, 2011

Foto February- Day 20

Here is a picture of Scott working on the learning modules he has to complete before he starts his March rotation in COLORADO! He will be gone all of next month. :( 

We'll see how we fare while he is gone. With Katelynn weaning off of prednisone, things should be...interesting around here. (Katelynn on prednisone=moodiness) But, at least it was a short relapse for her. She tested negative a week after she tested positive, so that is really good. Now, we wean. 

Oh, and please ignore the clutter on the desk. It was totally cleaned off a week ago, I swear! 

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  1. EEEEK! Gone ALL MONTH!?? I wish we lived closer and I would come and keep you company.


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