Thursday, February 3, 2011

Foto February- Day 3

Michael is quite the little artist. He loves to draw. He will lay on the floor and draw for hours. He likes to read books about how to draw things, and will look at pictures & try to copy them. As his fine motor skills have been improving during the school year, so have his drawing skills. For part of their homework today the kids had to draw a few things, and I thought Michael's were pretty awesome, if I do say so myself...and I do.  ;)

(click on the picture to see the drawings better)

I think the frog is especially good. And, I love that he had to draw seaweed with the fish. The bug is pretty cute, too.


  1. Wow, Jillian! He is REALLY talented!!! That is GREAT! Ha ha, by the way, Makenna is sitting in my lap as I look at this and she saw the picture and said, "Oh wow, look at what Michael did!" And then she said, "Look it is Michael, and Emma, and Katelynn! The girls look beautiful like a princess. And they are all SO smart!" : D (She was looking at the pictures on your sidebar!) Hee hee

  2. Oh, Michael informed me today that he was trying to draw a 'dog like that' (a daschund), but that it "did work out too well". What a kid...


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