Saturday, March 12, 2011

Food for Thought

I was reading a post on my old Bishop's blog, and part of the post really leaped out at me. He said,
"How often do we grow frustrated about the slowness of the journey, when the Lord has already put us in the right place and it's time for us to move on our own instead of waiting for something or someone else to move us? "
I thought it was really neat. I know that I get frustrated at my own progress and the pace of the journey from time to time. This really put it into perspective for me. If the quote doesn't totally make sense reading it out-of-context, go HERE to read the whole blog post.

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  1. Another post really struck a chord with me, as well. In it he said, "There is a beauty and elegance to this mortal experience we have, but there are plenty of pain points along the way...what I have seen is that when we turn to God and seek His help, He can help us to find the path or the approach that makes us more and brings beauty and order to what once seemed like chaos. Mortality often isn't pretty, but when we turn to God, things can get prettier, and in the long run, His goal is ultimate joy and beauty for us through the power of the Atonement."

    Now I just need to meld those two thoughts together!


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