Sunday, March 6, 2011

Foto February- Day 28

Early Monday morning Scott left for his 15 hour drive up to Greeley, Colorado.

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Unfortunately, about 3 hours down the road his alternator went out!! So, he was stuck out in the middle-of-nowhere Arizona, waiting for the tow truck to pick him up and drive him to the nearest town, which was Page, Arizona. He waited for the truck for a long time, then rode the hour and a half up to Page. Then, when he got to the auto parts store where he had purchased the alternator just 4 months ago they couldn't find his purchase in their computer! It took forever, and then they finally found it. After that Scott changed the alternator, and got back on the road. It was late that night when he texted saying that he was just passing the place he had broken down. He drove a while longer, then felt like he should stop and sleep a while. He didn't arrive in Greeley until early evening the next day. What should have been a 15 hour trip turned into a two day ordeal. He completely missed the first day of his clerkship! I'm glad he was able to fix the car and that he got there safe, at least.

So far he is really liking it there. The hospital is nice, the people are friendly, and the area seems to be pretty nice & family-friendly. He is staying in housing provided by the program, and it is only $20 a week! He has a roommate who is also a podiatry student and goes to the school in Ohio. They played ping-pong and watched a movie together Friday night, and Saturday they went on a hike. I'm glad he has a good roommate, because being up there all alone has got to be lonely.

When he got there he found out that this program no longer participates in CASPR/CRIP, so he will be basically interviewing for a residency there at the end of the month! That is both exciting and scary! I hope he has a good month there and can leave a good impression. He is there for a clerkship kind of early, because most residency interviews are in January of next year, then after that residencies start getting lined up. So, hopefully they don't forget who he is!


  1. Oh man, poor guy! We totally know his pain. With all these long commutes David's been doing it seems like there is ALWAYS something going wrong. Glad he made it there safe. I'm wondering about his roommate though...are they just roomates or are they dating each other?! just sayin'! ; )

  2. Oh and PS: About this Foto February thing...I don't want it to end, so keep going with it! It's so much fun to see little glimpses into your daily life... it makes me feel a whole lot less out of touch with you guys.

  3. I'm glad he got there safely. Man, that 1 1/2 going the WRONG direction must of been frustrating (not to mention that it was in a tow truck!). Hopefully there's no more excitement in Colorado!


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