Thursday, March 17, 2011

Out and About

Tuesday after school we were out and about. First, we met a friend at the mall play area.

On the way out we stopped in the Lego Store. If Michael was mildly obsessed with Legos before, he is even more obsessed now! He really wants to get a "little Lego guy".

We also stopped to see the Hermit Hut with the hermit crabs.

After the mall we went to Fry's (woo hoo for the Kid's Corner!), then Wal-Mart. The kids were very excited about picking out seeds to start a garden. I have a black thumb, so we might have to wait until Scott's back before we tackle trying to grow any veggies.

Michael is talking on the phone to Scott, telling him all about the Legos. We realized Michael uses the word 'anyway' a lot, especially when he's talking on the phone. Anyway...


  1. You have a lego store in your mall!! So cool. And a store devoted to just hermit crabs? ! LOL!!

  2. I wish we still had a Hermit Hut at our mall! Oakley LOVES hermit crabs!

  3. Love the photo of the kids!!! I wish I wasn't on the phone though. Kind of killed that picture. LOL

  4. Dangit! Mayfly is Jenn. I'm logged in to the wrong account - again. NERD.


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