Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Festival

They held a Spring Festival at the kids' school for all the students and their families. Since I'm a co-homeroom mom for Katelynn's class, the other mom & I were in charge of putting together a booth for the festival, as well as a basket for the silent auction. Plus, somehow I let myself get roped into being in charge of the prize booth for the whole festival. SO, I was very busy. It wouldn't have been that big of a problem, except for the fact that the festival was held while Scott was gone to Colorado! So, I called up my awesome friend Carissa and asked her if she would be willing to come with me to the festival and help with the kiddos. I could NOT have done it without her!! Here are some pictures she took with my camera of the kids having a great time at the festival (again, *awesome*). 

Emma, Michael & Katelynn with painted faces

M & E coming out of the bouncy obstacle course 

Emma with a friend from Michael's class 

 Katelynn & Michael waiting for one of the performances to start

Cake walkin' 

 Michael at the dunk tank

Emma at the dunk tank 

Katelynn at the dunk tank 

Katelynn & Michael gettin' their groove on.  

E & K hula hooping. This was our booth. My co-homeroom mom & her hubby stayed at the booth almost the whole festival! So awesome. 

Petting the tortoises. They are going to be building a habitat for them next year, I think. Right now they live at our principal's house. 

Group hug! 

Michael with one of his best buds in class, Carsten. They are so funny together! 

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  1. That looks like so much fun! I want to come and bring Oakley. She would have a blast there with the kids!


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