Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of School

I know that school started a couple weeks ago, but I just barely got the pictures off of my camera to blog them. I can't believe the kids are in FIRST grade now!! It is so crazy to me. This year they are attending the public school in our neighborhood. Everyone we've talked to said they love the school, so I think it will be a good year. Plus, it's only a mile away from our house, so the daily commute is a lot easier. I told the kids that if they get better on their bikes they can ride them to school once the temperature cools down a bit. We're still in the 100s every day!

We wanted to put all the kids in the same class, but they were separated into three different classes because of how late we registered. Fortunately, there was one kid from our ward in each of the three classes, so they each had a familiar face in their class. Phew!

Emma has Chloe in her class. It was so cute when we walked in to class because Emma & Katelynn ran up to give her a hug. While they were doing that I overheard another parent voicing concerns to the teacher about her son, since he was new to the school. I said, "Oh, this is my daughter's first year here, too!" The teacher looked at me funny because the girls were hugging Chloe. I told her they knew her from church.

Katelynn has Brandon in her class, as well as a boy named Jude that was in their Soccer Tots class a couple years ago. Michael was bummed that he wasn't in the same class as Brandon, but after watching those two in Primary the last few weeks I'm thinking it's a good thing they aren't in the same class!

Michael has Samantha (Sammie) in his class. When Michael came in Sammie got up from her desk and came over to say "Hi" to him. Then, when she went back to her desk, she said to the boy across from her, "I know him because he goes to my church, and he was on my soccer team. He's a really great goalie!" That made me smile.

After school I realized that I hadn't gotten a picture of all three of them together yet. They got impatient with me to take the picture because I was busy talking with my friends! That is one thing I've really liked so far about having them at the local school. Several of my friends' kids go there, too, so I can ask them questions, see them at drop-off or pick-up, see their kids at school, etc. It's nice to have that built-in community from church. It makes starting at a new school a lot easier!

Oh, and what is one of the kids' favorite parts about being in first grade now? Eating lunch at school! It's the little things, I guess. They think it's even cooler now that they can get their lunch from school. Good luck this year, babies big kids!


  1. Aww, so fun! I think it is so fun when "back to school" comes around! Makenna is starting a twice a week preschool this year and we are SO excited! : ) Good luck with the new school year; looks like the kiddos are having a blast!

  2. Sniff sniff! So hard sending them off to school all day, isn't it? I bet it's going to be quiet at your place during the day! And hey, you might actually get something done! I hope they have fun. Glad they have someone they know in their classes.

  3. I like Katelynn's pose in the last picture! She's like Yeah Yeah raise the roof!

    Love them! Can't believe they're so old!


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