Saturday, October 29, 2011

Head in the Game

This morning the kids had their third soccer game of the season. On the way to the game they wanted to listen to "Getcha Head in the Game" (from High School Musical), and were talking about how they needed to get their heads in the game for today's game. Ha ha!

 The other team was creaming us! But, it's all  for fun and skill-building, so that's okay. Emma was excited for a chance to play goalie during this game. I felt so bad, because it was her first time paying goalie and the other team got three goals while she was goalie! But, the fourth ball that came her way she stopped. She looked over at me beaming and gave me the thumbs up! :D Here she is going after the ball during another part of the game. 

Both Emma & Katelynn running down the field.

Hi, Michael! What a handsome young man!

After the game we stopped at QT and got ICEEs/Slushies/Frostees...whatever they call 'em. Katelynn insists on making crazy faces! On one hand I think it's funny, and on the other hand it drives me nuts!

A nice pic with all three looking and smiling!

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