Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Last week my awesome friend, Risa, informed me that she was taking my kids for a night so Scott and I could have a kid-less night before he left. We had never been to a Diamondbacks game, and were able to get free tickets, so we went! We had dinner at Thai Basil, then headed over to the game. We got there during the 5th(?) inning (whoops), and near the end considered leaving because it was kind of boring. Sorry if that makes me un-American. Ha ha! But, we're glad we stayed, because shortly after we talked about leaving the Dbacks loaded the bases, then a guy hit a homerun! 4 points in just a couple of minutes! 

It was great to go out with my honey and not have to worry about how late we were out, or about picking up the kids and putting them to bed. Risa even took the kids to school the next day. Hello, awesome! I told her that I am totally taking her kids for a night soon!

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