Wednesday, October 26, 2011


After school on Friday we met with some friends at the park to celebrate their friend Kaden's birthday. I had to snap a shot of Katelynn's chocolate cupcake covered face.

Emma really likes to do her own hair. On Sunday she had changed it three times before we were halfway through sacrament meeting! Oh, speaking of which...we had the Primary Program on Sunday. The kids did great! Michael read his whole part all by himself, and Emma did most of hers by herself, too. Katelynn said, "My name is Katelynn Robertson." before she said her line. Lol! I am one of the Primary choristers (my friend just got called to be the second chorister with me. Yay!). We've been preparing the music for the program all year, so it's a relief to have it over and be able to focus on teaching some of the other "classic" children's songs. We had a practice for the program on Saturday with the kids, and it was a bit rough because I had NO VOICE! I woke up Friday morning without a voice, and didn't start to get my voice back until Monday! Yikes! It's still a little hoarse, but at least I can vocalize more than a whisper! Anyway...that was a long tangent. The pictures below are of one of the hair-dos that Emma did all by herself and was especially proud of. Not too shabby! I'd probably do without the crown clip in the front, but other than that I think it's pretty good for a six year old!

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